Turnkey Projects and Staff Outsourcing

Turnkey Projects

We stand out from the competition because we master all areas of engineering expertise required to deliver large-scale turnkey projects. From budget management to FEA to design certifications, our customers can count on Creaform engineering services to deliver complete projects, in compliance with industry exacting standards.

Our service offer can be tailored to the exact needs of our clientele – whether supporting a complete project ranging from ideation through production and market release, or a single unique and critical process step. We offer our customers peace of mind and confidence, brought by working with a versatile team of qualified staff that can deliver high quality, rigorous work, with a short turnaround.

  • Mechanical engineers and technicians
  • Industrial designers
  • Computer-assisted design (CAD) experts
  • Project managers
  • Electrical technicians

Staff Outsourcing

Whatever your reason for needing a hand, Creaform can help. You may have occasional, periodic needs for external engineering expertise in order to:

  • find fresh ideas or a new perspective on things
  • resolve unusual issues
  • validate what you have already figured out
  • urgently need to staff critical positions due to unexpected work peaks or staff shortages

We will provide your business with experienced, resourceful and reliable consultants that can be there for the long haul or just to help you get through a blitz. With Creaform, your business secrets are in good hands; you can count on our absolute confidentiality and professionalism.

Our expertise covers the following business sectors, among others: