Storage Tank Inspection and Strapping

What the industry needs

The public’s concerns on environment put a lot of pressure on oil companies to improve their environmental and health & safety practices. Storage tank inspection used to be a time-consuming process, but companies can now address public’s concerns using a 3D scanning technology to increase the accuracy and productivity. Such tool can also be used for other applications such as tank strapping. In fact, building accurate filling table in a major requirement by the industry.

Tank Settlement

The tank inspection reports generated with the Creaform tools provide useful information such as bottom profiles, vertical profiles and out-of-roundness profiles,  that is essential information to assess tank settlement.

Building Strapping Tables

Strapping tables are used to estimate the amount of product located inside the tank. Reports are customizable to customer needs. Data expressed in the report can include or exclude deadwood, impact of the floating roof, and so on.

Dike volume

Once the tank volume has been calculated, assessment of the dike volume is standard procedure. Creaform has the high-end measurement devices and expertise required to get high accuracy calculations.

  • Government regulation
  • Tank inspection
  • Tank calibration: building strapping table
  • Capture data form floor, walls and dike are required

Advantages of the solution

  • Accurate data collection for more accurate inspection, strapping table construction and dike volume calculation.
  • Increase in productivity, shorter data acquisition time.
  • Higher data traceability.
  • Reduced risk of environmental impact.
  • Larger amount of data for greater understanding.