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Creaform Engineering Services - Electrical Engineering

Whether you are looking to create or optimize equipment, design a new electrical system, automate your industrial processes or meet project management needs, you can always trust our experts with your product development and manufacturing projects.

Creaform Metrology Services – Power Generation

Creaform provides operators, manufacturers and third parties with access to 3D metrology services for complex assemblies and large-scope projects. Deadlines for these types of power generation projects are always really tight…

Creaform Metrology Services – Oil & Gas

Pipeline operators and NDT service companies must deal with increasing pressure from regulation authorities and environmentalists. They must guarantee the integrity of pipeline networks, tanks and refineries while keeping maintenance cost at their lowest.

Creaform Metrology Services – Naval

Through its Metrology Services division, Creaform offers its expertise, its renowned know-how and its knowledge of current 3D technology to companies from the naval industry.

Creaform Metrology Services – Heavy Industries

Heavy industries and mining usually mean difficult conditions, and… oversized equipment. Within this realm, it’s the measurement equipment that needs to come to the part, and not the opposite.

Creaform Metrology Services – Transportation

Through its Metrology Services division, Creaform offers its expertise, renowned know-how and knowledge in 3D technology to companies from the transportation industry.

Creaform Engineering Services – Automotive/Transportation

For more than a decade now, Creaform has been involved in projects of all sizes with major players in the transportation industry, and is committed to address the most difficult requirements.