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Intelligent Measurement Processes in 3D Optical Metrology: Producing More Accurate Point Clouds

This paper introduces the new paradigm of intelligent measurement process in the context of 3D optical metrology.

Impact of 3D Laser Data Resolution and Accuracy on Pipeline Dents Strain Analysis

Mechanical damage represents a major problem and a threat to pipeline integrity. Even if there is more corrosion typically found on pipeline networks, the number of leaks associated to dents is greater.

Application of 3D laser method for corrosion assessment on a spherical pressure vessel

Oil & Gas pressure components found on power plants and refineries must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure fitness-for-service.

Pipeline external corrosion analysis using a 3d laser scanner

Pipeline operators are getting increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and environmentalists to guarantee the integrity of their pipeline network, while facing financial pressure to minimize their maintenance cost.

Improvement of hail damage inspection with advanced 3d imaging technologies

Mechanical damage on aircraft fuselage, wings and landing gear can be caused by hail damage or various types of impact on the ground. Regardless of their origin, impacts on aircraft must be inspected to ensure conformity with manufacturer requirements.

Teaching Manual – Quality Control / Inspection

This manual focuses on the theory and general concepts of the quality control / inspection process, its usefulness, best practices as well as the existing means and technologies available. Read it all to obtain the whole picture!

Teaching Manual – Reverse engineering

This manual presents theoretical information and general concepts on reverse engineering. Why resort to this process, what tools are there for you to use, what are the best practices? Download this guide to get the full overview!

Why Conventional measuring arms will not overcome... 21ST Century Measuring Challenges

Over the past 30 years, one of the most important changes in metrology has been the development of portable measuring devices. This has brought inspection right into the production line, as close to the part as possible.