Creaform Helps Companies Make CFD Part of their Design Process

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Creaform helps companies make CFD part of their design process

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Numerical SimulationEvery year multi-physics simulation tools come to market with ever increasing possibilities. So much that it is hard for companiesto keep up with the pace and exploit these new tools to the fullest. Well, at Creaform, that’s what we do—numerical simulations and keeping up the pace!

  • You have an aerodynamics issue with a vehicle, a wind turbine, a building, a road sign? What we do is offer a virtual wind tunnel that will provide answers and solutions—both quickly and reliably. We automate the iterative design studies so you can explore the most surprising possibilities and find new ways!
  • Want to upgrade the thermal management of a vehicle or an electronic device or you care about the thermal comfort of a theater? We can literally start from scratch: scan your geometry and analyse the flow inside and out the enclosure while accounting for conduction, convection and radiation to provide you with the precise temperature distribution within solids, liquids and gases.
  • Interested in objects traveling in air, water or both? The overset mesh capabilities allow simulating moving objects such as pump blades and, when coupled with the volume of fluid model, objects impacting or floating on water like boats in waves.

Possibilities are endless. Contact us and we will have our CFD experts, software and hardware work for you!

What’s more! The Creaform Engineering Services is now member of the International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community (NAFEMS)!

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