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2019 Q3 Newsletter

A Word From Head of Sales

Preparing Creaform for the Future

Creaform is going through a pivotal year as we rethink our business structure to better suit a nine-digit, fast-growing company. To harmonize our business practices across our sales regions, we started global key-account management, business intelligence analyses with advanced metrics, and globally blended learning, to name only a few of our latest initiatives. With signs of a recession, it’s a matter of keeping at what you do best and identifying opportunities to modernize your business practices in a fast-changing environment. This uncertainty reflects on our ability to predict even short-term outcomes as typical customer behavior seems not to apply anymore.

We manage to perform in this context. In fact, we are doing much better than most of our competitors. This is good timing for Creaform and its valued partners to plant seeds for the future and get ready for the next phases. It’s a time for operational excellence and creativity to pick up a few low-hanging fruits. We also need to leverage our outstanding new products, our flagship HandySCAN BLACK and the Go!SCAN SPARK, that already seem to be part of the portfolio for a while—but have only been on the market for six months!

Market diversification is key: as we naturally repeat a winning strategy, we tend to go back to the same tradeshows and target the same customer range. One of our major distributors recently shared with me they started to proactively target the agricultural market to address challenges of the manufacturing of farming equipment and machinery. The result is short-term additional sales in a sector unaffected by the automotive industry’s turmoil and with real needs in reverse engineering and quality control.

Q4 has already started and Creaform is coming out of the gates storming! As always, let’s focus on things we control to finish the year where we belong: at the top!

Pierre-Hugues Allard
Head of Sales

Tech Corner

A Comeback in NDT

Hello all,

It is with a lot of enthusiasm that I am back in NDT after two years focusing on automated quality control only. To mark my return, I wanted to start by announcing that SmartDENT 3.0 is on the way with probably the biggest release ever for this product. I don’t want to spoil the upcoming launch, but I can say that the new software version will significantly change the range of addressable applications! And it will not come alone: something else big is coming! Stay tuned for details!

Pipecheck – What Is Coming up Next?

We are currently putting a lot of effort on the stabilization of Pipecheck. The upcoming version should address and correct a lot of bugs. Our focus for this release is the reporting functionalities. Our software developers first addressed all known bugs on corrosion and dent assessment reports. We are then planning to fix all the other report bugs and carry out several enhancement requests as well. We anticipate our customers will notice these report enhancements.

From a strategic point of view, I am starting a new voice of customer tour in the upcoming weeks. I will be traveling to gather more information about our customers’ realities with on-site visits and phone interviews. If you know any customers that might want to participate or that I should really meet with, let me know!


Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie
Product Manager

Winter Blues? What Winter Blues?!

The beginning of October and Halloween decorations are signs that summer is officially over. While some people focus on the weather getting chillier and the days getting shorter, others will remind themselves of the good times they had while the sun was out to kep their spirits up. But you know what? At Creaform, as much as we like to remember what we brought to the market with VXelements 7.0 this summer, we look forward to cooler days, as they mean that the release of VXelements 7.0.3 is eminent! This will surely bring back some summer vibes to everyone!

VXelements 7.0 brought its fair share of new functionalities. The introduction of guided scan workflows was well-received and is a great example of development success—alongside the complete overhaul of clipping planes management. VXinspect users were also happy to be able to apply an outlier filter when measuring a part with scan data.

This new tool is demonstrated in this short video. Take a look!

VXmodel was also enhanced with a brand-new manual NURBS surface tool. The capability of having full control over NURBS surface is a big addition to the module.

Watch this short video for more details!

What’s coming up next? VXelements 7.0.3 is set to be released in November and, as usual, a lot of continuous improvement and new functionalities will ensure great continuity for our products, especially the Go!SCAN SPARK. With the addition of tools, such as Delete Frame, the ability to finalize without texture, and a lot of various optimizations on every device, VXelements 7.0.3 will surely please many of our clients. For those of you who can’t wait for all of these awesome new features, I invite you to take a look at our brand-new VXmodel product video. Trust me, you’ll be impressed!

David Robichaud
Product Manager


Article written by Creaform

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