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3D is Always Better in Color!

The VIUscan: what a great tool! Since the beginning of Creaform, it is the product that has created the most enthusiasm among people, at least the non-3D guys. People that are not familiar with 3D are always amazed when I show them the scan of my face or the scan of a common object like a banana, a rock wall: “Wow, it’s so realistic!” And a little bit creepy sometimes…

But, what about the pros, what do they think of the 3D textured scans that you create from the VIUscan? Can they do actual productions with them?

Of course they can! Last summer, I visited Remnant Studios, based in San Jose CA. They are a visual effects studio that creates pretty cool stuff for all kinds of multimedia applications. They are using a VIUscan for a few months now. I was amazed to see all the great models they did and the scenes they could create with the scans (and a little bit of work…). Here is the video they produced to show the secrets of scanning for multimedia:

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