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3D Modeling Program Launches New File Importer

An awesome new feature was released through free 3D modeling tool Tinkercad where 2D SVG and 3D STL files can now be imported. As a matter of fact, you can also import broken STL files and, regardless of the geometry, the 3D Web design application will take care of making it look good. Although currently Tinkercad is limited to 25,000 triangles on the input mesh, this total will increase substantially over the upcoming days. Moreover, the 3D modeling program acts as a mesh repairer into which you can import any STL file for damage control.

Several upload-and-print 3D printing services such as i.Materialize and Shapeways were delighted with the update and reported that 3D-printing 3D models will be a lot easier now with the newly launched file importer from Tinkercad.

Despite being free of charge, its quality is all the more surprising combined with an ease of use that is incredibly efficient. The browser-based 3D design platform will also allow importing files that users will have created in other programs or downloaded from 3D model repositories.

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