3D Printing Part of 2013's Emerging Technologies to Hit Mainstream

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3D Printing Part of 2013’s Emerging Technologies to Hit Mainstream

The Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) has released its “Five Technology Trends to Watch” publication, unveiling a list that includes, among others, 3D printing as part of the emerging technologies that will hit mainstream in 2013. Apart from 3D printing, which is atop the roster, you have out there next-generation TVs and displays, the evolution of the audio market, the mobile revolution in Africa and technology in education. Although it has been around for about three decades now, 3D printing is becoming increasingly mainstream with equipment that can be purchased for lower prices and, hence, no longer available to a limited few only.

The three main reasons for the mounting popularity of 3D printers are probably their size (smaller with time), price (cheaper than before and this is bound to keep dropping) and accessibility (you can actually lease one of those where available).

Be that as it may, 3D printing is only good when you have a 3D model to that effect and in several applications 3D scanning devices are a sure shot to go about constructing a virtual design of what you want to produce – enter the brand new Go!SCAN 3D. Have a look around and see how easy and efficient it is to use.

Source: Memeburn

Article written by Creaform


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