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3D scanning a cavern for a virtual museum!

4941161214_8544422691_mWhen we launched the blog 1 year ago, our goal was to share information about 3D technology with the community, but also hear about what you are up to.

 I’m glad to share with you Lauri Põldre’s 3D scanning project. His company, 3D Technologies R&D, scanned the Piusa Cavern. Located in the south-eastern part of Estonia, it was scanned so as to build a Visitor Center (virtual museum) fitted with an interactive 3D tool. 

 Check out the demo of the virtual tour!

The caves are presented as interactive real-time 3D models that visitors can hover around using a touchscreen. Cave walls, sandstone colours and minor details such as inscriptions on the sand wall made by former visitors show in the interactive 3D tool. Visitors can also read additional info about the caverns and can make virtual tours inside the caves.

3D scanning the Piusa Cavern turned out to be an effective and innovative way to advertise and rediscover this historical site.


Article written by Émilie Girard-Tremblay

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YingYing Cen

It was very attractive.

3D Scanning

It is amazing how 3d scanning and printing can change people's lives and experiences. Being in this field for 2 years, we are still discovering applications which can use this technology