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Creaform ACADEMIA’s Free Teaching Kits: A must to enhancing your engineering courses

Engineering professors, now more than ever before, are facing mounting pressure to adapt and even revamp their curricula. The reason? Thanks to new technologies and approaches, such as metrology and 3D scanning, the engineers of tomorrow will be required to work in innovative ways to carry out engineering projects, oversee quality control and conduct inspections.

However, as much as the need is pressing, budget constraints as well as a lack of access to quality, non-biased curricula have been two major factors in preventing professors from integrating new equipment and content in their courses.

Until now.

Creaform recently launched its brand-new educational offer, Creaform ACADEMIA. Available in this offer is a free didactic package including:

  • Free software: a network license of 50 copies of VXmodel and VXinspect)
  • Free comprehensive teaching kits with customizable PowerPoint presentations on 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality control for lectures, and video tutorial to prepare students for ensuing lab work.
  • Free sample datasets for students to gain practical experience in their labs with application software that is used around the world by manufacturers across all industries and engineering firms

Creaform ACADEMIA Sample Kit

“Rather than simply provide dull presentations with never-ending bullet point lists, our teaching kits are chock-full of high-quality images, videos and case studies to better educate and engage the new generation of students,” explained Daniel Brown, Creaform ACADEMIA’s Product Manager. “And because the material is free, professors can confidently add Creaform’s teaching material to enhance their courses—today, without the purchase of a technology.”

What’s more, Creaform ACADEMIA also allows professors to progressively add even more aspects of 3D scanning to their curricula: when educational institutions are ready, they can acquire Creaform’s affordable ACADEMIA 3D scanners, which will give students even more hands-on experience in data acquisition. “It’s much the same as 3D printers in today’s classrooms,” said Mr. Brown. “Showing students first-hand the tremendous possibilities that new technologies can afford goes a long way in making the theoretical much more concrete for real-life applications.”

“Creaform understands that educational institutions need to phase in equipment purchases. By starting off with Creaform ACADEMIA’s free teaching kits and then purchasing the scanners when budgets are available, academics better prepare their students—all while keeping expenses under control,” added Mr. Brown.

Engineering professors can either order the complete ACADEMIA free didactic package or a sample of the kit, which offers a sneak peek into the wealth of material available. Simply have a look at the complete offer.

Creaform ACADEMIA lab assessment

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