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Creaform Launches Brand-New Educational Solution Suite, Creaform ACADEMIA

Creaform Launches Brand-New Educational Solution Suite, Creaform ACADEMIA

In today’s academic world, engineering teachers and researchers are facing mounting pressure to enhance their curricula and collaborative research projects with the latest technology. On the one hand, teachers need to remain on par with the realities and challenges of hiring companies to better prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow. Researchers, on the other hand, must stay ahead of the innovative game for the educational institutions they work for and achieve breakthroughs faster than ever before.

Creaform ACADEMIA for research

Professors are looking for academic solutions that bridge the gap between latest technologies and students. Making tools such as 3D scanners and application software more accessible to education will not only help prepare engineering students for the future, but also enrich educational institutions’ research tool kits.

Creaform ACADEMIA teacher didactic material

That’s why Creaform just launched its brand-new educational solution suite, Creaform ACADEMIA. Creaform ACADEMIA is a comprehensive package that includes professional-grade 3D scanners, free and integrated reverse engineering and inspection software modules, and an array of didactic material to help teachers and researchers harness the power and potential of industrial 3D measurement technologies.

“Teachers and researchers from all over the world, whether they are in the field of engineering, industrial design, applied sciences or natural sciences, require affordable options to acquire the specific hardware and software that are currently being used in the marketplace,” explained Daniel Brown, Director of Product Management for Creaform.

Creaform Scanners

“At Creaform, we believe that academics should not be restrained—from either an equipment or budget perspective—in providing the very best teaching and research for the next generation. Creaform ACADEMIA allows teachers to better educate and inspire students interested in pursuing careers that involve 3D scanning and metrology. Our educational solution suite also provides researchers with the tools they need to accelerate their processes of innovation.”

Creaform ACADEMIAEducational Solution Suite

Creaform ACADEMIA is now available for ordering. Creaform has also prepared additional tools for professors who are considering purchasing educational packages, but are unsure where to start:

• A comprehensive starter kit, which will allow teachers and researchers to access compelling didactic material offered within Creaform ACADEMIA, no purchase necessary
• An assessment tool to determine precisely their needs in terms of 3D measurement technologies
• A series of exclusive webinars to explain the contents and advantages of Creaform ACADEMIA.

If you are a teacher or researcher, don’t miss out on these opportunities to gain better insight into how Creaform ACADEMIA can take your curricula or research projects to a whole new level.

Creaform ACADEMIA lab assessment

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