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Creaform’s got new talents

Industrial Design

To become a leader on the market you need to design products that offer more than competition. That’s why the Creaform Engineering Service is now giving you access to professional industrial designers to help you develop your ideas and find these innovative concepts that can make a difference. As the first step of the product development process, this service completes our diversified expertise in engineering which are allowing us to support you in your projects, from the sketches to the manufactured product.

Here are some examples our team can help you achieve:

  • Research on the competitive environment, users, trends and opportunities
  • Studies on user experiences and ergonomics
  • Ideation through explorative sketches and preliminary concepts
  • 3D styling surfaces and functionnal development
  • Selection of materials, manufacturing processes, colors and finishes
  • Realize study models and prototypes
  • Creation of concepts for the software interface
  • Design logos and labels
  • Packaging concepts and graphic design
  • Photorealistic images from 3D models for marketing purposes

One of our goals is to design products that look great, but industrial design is also about finding the innovative ideas that will improve functionality and users’ experience. As the latest addition to our skilled team of engineers and designers, our industrial designers can be trusted to make your projects shine.

Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Article written by Creaform

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