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Has the Perfect Phone Just Gotten Better?

Everybody knows I’ve been a fan of the iPhone from the very beginning. However, I was only able to treat myself with “the marvel” a few short months ago… Why did I wait so long? It would probably be inappropriate to discuss this issue here since it involves our president… In all honesty, my desire to possess the supreme Smartphone was initially motivated somewhat more by the cool & fun factors than by my potential gain in productivity (although it has provided that also J).

Now, after having seen the iPhone work in conjunction with the VIUscan to deliver a really attractive and value-added Augmented Reality application, I’m speechless!

This is pure breakthrough! The VIUscan creates 3D representations of valuable artifacts that have been taken out of their original location for preservation purposes, and the University of Oslo and the iPhone work together to allow these objects to be “seen” as they were at their original location! Pure Wow.

See for yourself the demonstration of a Mobile Augmented Reality application for the iPhone, developed in the INVENTIO-project (University of Oslo), in cooperation with Memention AB.

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