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Patriotics Develop Free Gun to be 3D-Printed

The ultimate goal of this bold initiative launched by Defense Distributed is quite straightforward: allow any owner of the open-source 3D printer RepRap to download and 3D-print free of charge an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. The $1,000 3D printer should allow producing an exact replica of the firearm, although it will only fire a single .22 caliber bullet. The group first wishes to acquire a Stratasys 3D printer in order to try to build a 3D-printed gun through a design contest. The RepRap model will subsequently be customized to the specifics of this successful achievement, should this be the case.

Despite the ethical issues raised by such an endeavor, Defense Distributed member Cody Wilson calls upon the citizens’ right to bear arms to support the group’s attempt to design a free 3D-printed gun. The patriotic-inspired project raises red flags and it appears to be for that exact motive that the group wishes to show it is possible to print a deadly device in the comfort of your own home. While its point could be proven using less lethal means, Defense Distributed is unwavering in its quest to provide increased access to arms.

Where do you draw the line between freedom and the dangers that arise from it ?

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