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In December 2014, Creaform’s engineering services team set up a test and prototyping workshop to complement its offering. Spanning 2500 sq. ft. and located near Creaform’s offices in Laval, Montreal, the workshop is currently dedicated to mechanical tests for various clients. Modular structures, made out of aluminum, enable the team to quickly set up test benches that include electric and pneumatic automation. Our workshop can count on experienced employees to carry out the most innovative engineering and design projects.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Consulting services for manufacturing prototypes or parts in small production runs
  • Mechanical, electrical and durability testing
  • Process and tooling automation
  • Prototype manufacturing and assembly
  • Design and mechanical/electric/electronic development
  • Prototyping and finding solutions for problematic electric routing systems, mechanical problems, etc.
  • Molds for small, medium or large parts made out of silicone or composite
  • Painting and finishing of prototypes and/or small production runs
  • Development and manufacturing of bench tests
  • Soundproof 12’x12’ room to perform tests

Electrical engineering

Creaform also works closely with partners and our network of suppliers to sub-contract different steps.

These services are complementary to Creaform’s 3D numerical simulation services as they enable our clients to validate a product, either numerically or physically, depending on at what phase the development is landed. While several clients already have labs dedicated to tests and prototyping, Creaform offers short turnaround times and versatility, thanks to the available space for testing, expertise during excessive workloads, and continued operations throughout the year.

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