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So we think we can blog…

Yep!  We do believe we can blog, and we most certainly believe that we can come up with great content that will arouse interest among all the Creaform Community – our clients, value added resellers, business partners, employees and anybody interested in 3D technology!

At Creaform, we hear tons of interesting stories day in and day out…A challenging 48 hours-in-a-row airplane reverse-engineering project that took place on the other side of the globe, a new ‘unorthodox-but-efficient’ measuring technique developed by one of our talented and creative AE or an unexpected application required by a new clients – like scanning beets so that they can be genetically modified so to leave as much soil on the ground when harvested…! – well, we want to share these stories with you!


We also want to communicate what we can’t say by formal press release or on our Web site (for instance, what drove some corporate decisions, who did what at our Rendez-Vous User Meeting or what we think about a new CAD or metrology software release, etc.).


We believe that a blog is the most appropriate tool to do that!  Not only will we be sharing information and expertise, but our blog will also allow YOU to interact and comment on our various posts, so please take advantage of this opportunity! OK, enough said, now check out the real content!  Hope you enjoy – News, Tips & Tricks and Opinions about 3D Technology!

Article written by Creaform

Comments about this article

Sam Farhan

It's great that you have started to blog guys! Awaiting to read about your latest news and adventures! Especially about the new UNIscan. Best wishes, / Sam 3D scanner – Sweden

Marco St-Pierre

Dear Marketing Team, I could have take a walk to tell you face to face that I really appreciate my first experience on the blog, but I tough that using it would probably be more appropriate way to share my comment. What a great tool! You will make me switch to Web 2.0. Longue vie. Marco