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Taking engineering lab work to a new level with Creaform ACADEMIA’s free teaching kit

Creaform’s new educational solution suite, Creaform ACADEMIA, has just recently launched and engineering professors are stoked about the possibility of using the free teaching kit, which is included in the package, to enhance their curricula—for the fall.

Although an overview of Creaform ACADEMIA’s free teaching kit can be found here, we decided to delve a little deeper into how components of the kit can be integrated within a teacher’s theoretical course and subsequent lab work.

Let’s start with the theoretical courses. The free teaching kit features many different customizable PowerPoint presentations on 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality control. They provide great overviews of each topic as well as practical information on how the concepts are applied in current manufacturing environments. The three main subjects can be split into three different lectures, along with lab work dedicated to each, to give students a deeper dive.

Once a specific lecture is given, say on reverse engineering, student can be required to view the teaching kit’s video tutorials on the topic so they are prepared for their upcoming lab time. Then, in the lab, the hands-on learning experience begins. With Creaform ACADEMIA’s free network licenses of VXmodel, Creaform’s scan-to-CAD software module, and VXinspect, a 3D inspection software for first article inspections and quality control, can be presented as the tools the students will use to try their hand as discovering how metrology solutions, which are currently being used in the market, work.

The free teaching kit includes a wide array of free sample datasets. Students can upload the datasets into VXmodel and VXinspect to replicate what they learned via the lecture and video tutorials. It is a great overall teaching approach that bridges the gap between theory and real-life applications. Creaform ACADEMIA’s free teaching kit enables professors to beef up their teaching modules to better prepare students for the workplaces of tomorrow—at zero cost!

In an upcoming blog post, we’ll describe Phase III of how Creaform ACADEMIA’s free teaching kit can engage and educate students even further. Until then, be sure to sign up for an upcoming webinar to learn more about Creaform ACADEMIA or contact us today to get your free teaching kit.

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