Tour of VXelements – No More Scanning Volume

The new VXelements includes quite a lot of changes for our users, so let’s do a quick tour of the owner. Instead of highlighting all new features, I will introduce some new features in quick posts and 1-2 screenshots. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and provide comments!

Current users of VxScan know pretty well the Scanning Volume… Well, remember it fondly because it is now gone. It has been removed and replaced by a simple Resolution setting which allows to control the resolution over the entire part at once.

New Surface Parameters

So you can now scan large parts like this car door at a high resolution and you won’t need to do many scanning boxes if the part is needed in high resolution.

Volumeless Scanning

VXelements is available for free for all Creaform customers with an active maintenance contract and will ship with all new products starting on October 13. If you are already a customer of Creaform but have let your maintenance contract lapse, please contact to take advantage of our Comeback promotion.

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Comments about this article

Elamir Bahgat

That's great!!! Any idea about the memory usage?

Julien Marchand

We have also taken action to keep memory usage under control. Sure, large scans will take some memory, but it will be manageable.

Elamir Bahgat

Thank you Creaform for listening to us! I think my life will change after downloading the new software tomorrow :)

Benjamin Moreno

When this feature will be available for the VIUScan? Best! Ben.

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