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Never stop innovating

Creaform is celebrating 20 years of passion, innovation and determination in 2022!

Twenty years of constantly changing the rules and setting new standards in portable metrology and engineering services; twenty years of delivering an array of unique, differentiated and cutting-edge dimensional measurement and engineering B2B solutions; twenty years of non-stop growth and global deployments; twenty years of David against Goliath; twenty years of doing all this with a lot of grit and a bit of humor ;-)

Our 20th anniversary is a huge milestone that we are very proud of. It is an ideal time to pause and reflect on our collaborative achievements and give kudos to everyone who contributed to making Creaform what it is today: our employees, our shareholders, our value-added distributors, our business partners and of course, our customers from every industry.

Our 20th anniversary will also be about what’s ahead, because we know that in our fast-changing world, we can’t rely on historic accomplishments to define our future. This is why our motto this year is Never Stop Innovating. It seeks to inspire everyone so that we can continue to create a better tomorrow and deliver extraordinary value for all of our employees, partners and customers for the next 20 years to come!

We have a host of initiatives planned throughout 2022 to recognize the contribution of our employees, the loyalty of our customers, the support of our communities and our legacy to dimensional metrology. One of these initiatives will be the release of a new Creaform 20 web section, which will be unveiled on June 14, 2022, the official anniversary date of the Creaform brand. This new web section will highlight important milestones that made us who we are today, feature experts from the metrology and engineering industry, who will offer their visions of what makes Creaform so unique and will also provide insights into our innovation philosophy that will drive our development for the next 20 years.

Join us as we celebrate our 20th anniversary and in our quest for never ending innovation!

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Creaform's 20th anniversary is just around the corner!









We have a host of activities planned throughout 2022 to showcase the impact our engineering and technology has had across many industries—and how they will continue to create a better tomorrow for all of our partners, customers and users.

We're working on some incredible things at home and internationally. And we want you to play a big part in marking our company major milestone. Join us!

Can't wait to see what will happen?

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