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Assisted Assembly - Assessing As-Built Conditions

What the Industry Needs

When making complex or critical assemblies, it is imperative to assess the “as-built” condition of each component in order to perform adequate simulations. Based on such simulations or virtual assembly operations, proper design adjustments and pre-calculations of assembly positions can be made and the need for new adjustment parts can be determined.

Advantages of the MetraSCAN Solution

The portability and dynamic referencing feature of the MetraSCAN allows simple, reliable 3D scanning in every area of the shop floor.

By using the 3D scanner together with the touch probe, geometric elements and freeforms can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy. Detailed colour mapping reports are quickly generated to obtain the real dimensional characteristics of parts.

For very large parts, the volume extension function of the MetraSCAN proves to be particularly useful. In addition, when measuring components of large dimensions with high accuracy, the MetraSCAN can be aligned either manually or automatically with reference points previously established by photogrammetry.

The MetraSCAN helps to save a significant amount of time by allowing:

  • On-site inspection – parts no longer have to be moved to the metrology lab;
  • More reliable, streamlined or automated alignment procedures through dynamic alignment.

Because it is easy to handle and because it even scans most reflective surfaces, this CMM scanner can be used on any type of parts or materials such as sheet metal, plastics or composite materials.