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Production Compliance Inspection for Aerospace

What the Industry Needs

All parts on a production line are subject to three-dimensional verification, that can be done using either the systematic method or by random sampling. In aerospace, the quality control is generally quite comprehensive and requires a large number of measuring points.

What the Industry Needs
What the Industry Needs
What the Industry Needs
What the Industry Needs

Advantages of the HandyPROBE Solution

Portable measurement solutions are commonly used for this type of verification. Also, the alignment functionality and automation of the HandyPROBE ensure both systematic or random measurements with unsurpassed reliability and speed.

The automatic or assisted alignment, combined with the simplicity of this 3D CMM use, allows for complete inspection of a part in minutes as opposed to over an hour with traditional inspection solutions. The HandyPROBE has demonstrated its ability to deliver highly reliable results.

For large pieces, the function enabling the HandyPROBE's ability to increase its volume is particularly useful. When accuracy is crucial, it is possible to put reflectors on the equipment at locations previously measured with a laser tracker (periodic measurement, for example, annually) and the HandyPROBE re-aligns itself locally with the tracker's precision.

Similar applications

Testing, Adjustment and Shape Analysis of Design Tools

When starting a new production line, for preventive maintenance operations or in case of production drifts, design tools (moulds, jigs, frames, presses, etc.) should be regularly tested and adjusted to deliver expected levels of performance.

Testing and Adjustment of Design Tooling

At the start of a new production line, design tools (molds, jigs, racks, presses, etc.) should be periodically inspected and adjusted as part of preventive maintenance or before any product drift, to deliver the expected level of performance.

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