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Testing and Adjustment of Design Tooling

What the Industry Needs

At the start of a new production line, design tools (molds, jigs, racks, presses, etc.) should be periodically inspected and adjusted as part of preventive maintenance or before any product drift, to deliver the expected level of performance.

Advantages of the HandyPROBE Solution

The dynamic alignment features not only make measurements extremely reliable in a factory environment, but also ensure autopositioning and autoalignment by using reflectors previously placed at predetermined locations. Thus, adjustment and verification times are reduced by a factor of two or more.

For large pieces, the HandyPROBE's ability to increase its volume is particularly useful. When accuracy is crucial, it is possible to put reflectors on the equipment at locations previously measured with a laser tracker (periodic measurement, for example, annually) and the HandyPROBE handheld CMM re-aligns itself locally with the tracker's accuracy.