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Testing, Adjustment and Shape Analysis of Design Tools

What the Industry Needs

When starting a new production line, for preventive maintenance operations or in case of production drifts, design tools (moulds, jigs, frames, presses, etc.) should be regularly tested and adjusted to deliver expected levels of performance.

Advantages of the MetraSCAN 3D Solution

With dynamic alignment functionalities, extremely reliable measurements can be taken on the shop floor. In addition, automatic alignment with the tool is possible using just a few reflectors placed at predetermined locations on the tool. Therefore, the testing or adjustment phase can immediately begin.

With such advantages, the MetraSCAN 3D is very easy to use and is highly efficient in adjusting injection press moulds or welding jigs and testing injection or drawing moulds, drilling jigs or RTM composite moulds. As a result, adjustment or testing can be made twice as fast or more.

Imperfect shapes can be analyzed in high definition with this high-performance scanner, making it easier to analyze them in detail and understand deviations. Whereas any type of geometric elements can be measured quite rapidly with the probe.

For larger tools, the volume extension functions of this CMM laser scanner prove to be particularly useful. When taking highly-accurate measurements, reflectors can be placed on the tool at locations previously measured with the laser tracker (periodic measurements, for instance, annually) and the MetraSCAN 3D re-aligns itself locally according to tracker accuracy.