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FAI - First Article Inspection with Dynamic Referencing - Automotive

What the Industry Needs

The inspection of first-out parts is essential to any manufacturing process. These parts, considered as prototypes, are typically produced in small quantities and measured against a blueprint or compared with a CAD file to verify whether the parts were accurately produced and, when applicable, identify causes of defects.

Advantages of the HandyPROBE Solution

Portability and the dynamic referential allows for a simple and reliable use at every point of manufacture in the plant.

Significant time savings:

  • On-site inspection without having to move the part to any metrology facilities
  • Dynamic alignment increases reliability and allows for simplified or automated procedures
  • No more lengthy programming procedures typical of traditional inspection tools

The magnetic support for reflector is particularly suitable for sheet metal parts and allows them to maintain alignment without having to clamp it on costly and cumbersome equipment.

The HandyPROBE coordinate measuring machine can be used on all kinds of parts and materials such as sheet metal, plastic, glass & composite materials.