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Wear and Deformation Monitoring - Automotive Industry

What the Industry Needs

During the testing phases of new products, it is often necessary to measure distortions encountered during normal usage, or the results of wear during phases of intensive testing. It is thus necessary to measure the deformation of fuel tanks during thermal cycles, the movement of exhaust pipes in operation, the deformation of engine mounting brackets, strain during crash tests, etc.

Advantages of the HandyPROBE Solution

Portable measurement solutions are commonly used for this type of analysis and the capabilities of dynamic measurement functions of the HandyPROBE are of great value. It is thus possible to inspect an item right out of the oven, automatically aligning on reflectors previously placed on jigs. Strain measurements can be done by probing with the HandyPROBE coordinates measuring machine, or automatically using reflectors placed on checkpoints. It is also possible to dynamically measure deformations or movement by monitoring up to 5,000 points per second.

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