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Consumer Products Production Compliance Verification

What the Industry Needs

All parts on a production line are subject to three-dimensional verification, that can be done using either the systematic method or by random sampling. In general, only some critical features are verified.

Advantages of the HandyPROBE Solution

Portability combined with a dynamic reference system allow the system to be easily operated anywhere. Additionaly, there are no small mechanical parts in the system providing it with an edge in durability and reliability. This makes it best suited for constrainted environment (concrete plants, foundries, etc.).

Significant time savings with the HandyPROBE solution:

  • On-site inspection without having to move the part to any metrology facilities
  • Dynamic alignment increases reliability and allows for simplified or automated procedures
  • No more lengthy programming procedures typical of traditional inspection tools

The magnetic support for reflector is particularly suitable for sheet metal parts and allows them to maintain alignment without having to clamp it on costly and cumbersome equipment. The HandyPROBE is a great alternative to portable CMM arm and it can be used on all kinds of parts and materials as steel, cast iron, concrete, plastic, etc.

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