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3D Scanning Application for Heavy Industrial Equipment Parts and Accessories Development

What the Industry Needs

To develop parts and accessories for agricultural, construction or mining equipment, designers will have to extract dimensions from the vehicle or equipment. Not only will the dimensions have to be accurate in order to guarantee good fit and performance, but the dimensioning will have to be as complete as possible. In fact, the designer will be interested in all the assembly features, the dimensions of the original parts found in the assemblies and the possible interferences between the part assemblies and the new design. A 3D scan will provide dense 3D measurement of all the parts and their relative location, which will greatly help the designer in creating the new design with the correct assembly features and dimensions. Multiple scans from various pieces of equipment can also be integrated in the design in order to develop flexible parts or accessories which will fit on multiple models.

Advantages of the HandySCAN 3D Solution

The development of such part or accessory requires dimension acquisition on parts of various shapes and complexity, which could have to be performed in any kind of environment. Due to its 100% portability, the HandySCAN 3D can perform the acquisition directly at the design studio, but also on the customer's premises, on the production floor – and even directly in the field, on the most unstable grounds.

Since the designer wants to create the new design with the correct assembly features and dimensions, the acquisition must be accurate and hold all the information needed to produce a functional and flexible part that will perfectly fit in the vehicle or equipment’s original assembly. The HandySCAN 3D will provide complete and accurate 3D mesh models.

Compared to traditional measurement methods, the HandySCAN 3D solution helps save a considerable amount of time. Dimensions required for the design process are quickly measured and readily available to the designer.