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First Article Inspection (FAI) of Manufactured Parts

What the Industry Needs

The inspection of the first manufactured parts is essential for the development of any manufacturing process. The prototypes are typically produced in small quantities and must be inspected against a blueprint or by comparison to a CAD file to ensure that the part was accurately produced or to correctly identify the causes of impending defects. Freeform parts are the most challenging to inspect since they cannot be effi ciently and accurately measured using traditional measuring methods; a 3D scanning solution must then be used.

Advantages of the HandySCAN 3D Solution

First article inspection in manufacturing calls for the acquisition of dimensions on parts of various shapes and complexity, potentially performed in any kind of environment.

Due to its impressive portability, the HandySCAN 3D can perform the acquisition directly in the metrology lab but also on the customer’s site, on a production floor or at a supplier’s location.

Since the quality inspector or the metrologist wants to evaluate the physical part using its corresponding digital model, the acquisition must be accurate and the 3D model must include all the information needed for a complete inspection. The HandySCAN 3D will provide complete and accurate mesh models.

The HandySCAN 3D solution helps save a considerable amount of time relative to traditional measurement methods. Dimensions that are necessary for the inspection process are quickly measured and are made readily available so that the inspector can perform the work.