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Art and Architecture

3D opens up a lot of possibilities for artists, sculptors and architects. The Go!SCAN 3D scanners are highly portable and can follow you wherever you need it, are easy enough for a child to use, do not require preparation steps, and produce very precise, high-quality 3D models, making them especially suited for the artistic realm.

How a 3D scanner can fully be part of the creation process:

Play with scale

3D sculpting at its best: scan a smaller piece, then scale it up to create a larger one. You can also miniaturize an object and use it to create trinkets, curios, mementos, jewelry, etc.

Integrate life into art

Artists can use a 3D scanner to add real objects into their works of art, in full color. The 3D model can be played with at will: shapes can be altered, combined, or duplicated.

Reproduce faithfully

A 3D scanner can assist in creating a perfectly identical, richly detailed, true-to-scale copy of a piece or sculpture.

3D architectural rendering

What better way to bring a vision to life than to present it in a realistic 3D model? Along with 3D CAD design, a 3D scanner can help you create beautiful models that can then be modified as needed and as the project evolves.

Free 3D Models:

Browse these 3D models made with the Go!SCAN 3D scanners: