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Computer Graphics & VFX

The world of 3D computer graphics and visual effects is one that moves fast, and especially one that is technology-savvy and hungry for new technologies. Here is a quick overview of how the Go!SCAN 3D scanners can be a part of the 3D modeling process.

3D computer artists usually create their content from scratch, but can often need to incorporate real-life objects into their models, especially to produce digital visual effects or highly realistic 3D objects.

Whether handmade models, items needing to be replicated exactly (for instance vintage cars), human shapes to be integrated into 3D animation, elements for motion design, or props, the Go!SCAN 3D scanners can quickly and effortlessly provide these quality models to both the video game and movie industries.

3D scans can additionally be especially useful in set design. The Go!SCAN 3D line can scan small set models, which can then be scaled to size to assist in their construction. Set elements and props can be scanned, then the resulting model can be used to create rich 3D VFX.

Free 3D Models:

Browse these 3D models made with the Go!SCAN 3D scanners: