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The Go!SCAN 3D scanners can also be used in many, many other ways. Since the beginning of this company in 2002, our clients have never ceased to surprise and amaze us with the countless uses of our products they’ve come up with, from the most pragmatic to the most creative! Since it is so simple and accessible, we fully expect that the same is happening with the Go!SCAN 3D scanners.

Here are a few of these other applications:


Providing 3D scans of accident and crime scene elements can add additional, irrefutable evidence, as well as greatly facilitate their visualization and analysis.


3D scanners can provide extremely thorough and precise documentation for insured goods.


The Go!SCAN 3D scanners can be used to create custom clothing and to build equipment or machinery for this industry. Additionally, scanning the body is a fullproof way to achieve the proverbial perfect fit!

Really, even though the sky can’t actually be scanned it remains the (nonexistent) limit. Please continue finding unexpected applications and letting us know about them!

Free 3D Models:

Browse these 3D models made with the Go!SCAN 3D scanners: