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U.S. Air Force certifies first Stratasys 3D printer for aircraft replacement parts

The United States Air Force has certified a Stratasys F900 3D printer for use in the 60th Maintenance Squadron at Travis Air Force.... In December 2018. the Air Base revealed its use of the CreaForm HandyScan 700 handheld 3D scanner to inspect aircraft damage. The

3D Printing Industry


Boning up on anatomy: Plastic horse bones might be the way of the future

Researchers print some plastic horse bones. Here are the results.The skeletal parts were digitized using a Canadian-sourced “Go!SCAN 3D” model Creaform 3D scanner which features two high-definition digital


ポータブル3Dスキャナーの進化は何をもたらすか? 新製品に見る無限の可能性

ポータブル3Dスキャナーの最新モデル「HandySCAN BLACK」「Go!SCAN SPARK」が登場。本製品は他社の先を行く技術力で、産業用3Dスキャナー業界でも高い実績を誇り、自動車メーカーを中心に数多くの大企業で採用されている。より高速になった「HandySCAN BLACK」シリーズ HandySCAN BLACK Elite 前述したとおりクレアフォームは2つの製品ラインナップを刷新した。まず1つ目は「HandySCAN」シリーズの後継機種「HandySCAN BLACK」と、その上位機




アメテック クレアフォーム事業部は、同社の3Dスキャナー新製品「HandySCAN BLACK」および「Go!SCAN SPARK」について詳細を明かした。「測定器のようなニッチな産業機器での受賞は非常に珍しい」とGagne氏は語る。 ※2:過去の「レッド・ドット・デザイン2016」では「HandyPROBE Next」「MetraSCAN...



A new era for Metrolog software

In 1980 a young French engineer called Philippe Cimadomo formed a small electrical engineering company in Grenoble dedicated to, the user may select a single device e.g. a Creaform HandySCAN, and the price of the software is reduced significantly to reflect the

Aerospace Manufacturing


A New Era In 3D Scanning

Creaform have recently launched two new scanners, the HandySCAN BLACK, and the Go!SCAN SPARK which are designed to make work more...of quality control technologies, which includes HandyPROBE, MetraSCAN 3D, MaxSHOT 3D and our inspection software VXinspect. Disclaimer: The Materials Information


HandyScan 3D laser scanner included in Boeing service letter

Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, announced that its.... In addition to complying with Boeing’s service letter, Creaform HandySCAN 3D scanners are listed in the Airbus Technical Equipment Manual

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe


Quest Integration expands with new showroom

Company plans to offer public 3D printer clinicssuch as SolidWorks to the 3D printers themselves. “The Creaform scanners are really great because they integrate directly with SolidWorks …

Spokane Journal of Business


新製品発表ーGo!SCAN SPARK(TM):イザ!

CREAFORM(AMETEKグループ) Creaform、製品開発を加速する、最速かつ極めて使いやすい3Dスキャンソリューション、Go!SCAN SPARKを発売...を特徴とする、Go!SCAN 3Dの最新世代 の登場です。 【2019年4月25日 カナダ・ケベック州レヴィ発】ポータブルかつ自動化した3D測定ソリューションの分野で世界をリードするCreaformは、Go!SCAN...



A Guide to Industrial Metrologists

How the manufacturing industry can increase productivity with automated quality control Traditional metrology consumes a con-siderable amount of time and effort. Because traditional equipment is not located on the production floor, workers must move components to the measuring room to carry out inspections.

Optik & Photonik, April 2018