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January 23, 2013

PG&E using 3D laser scanner to test pipe corrosion

PG&E is testing a new piece of equipment that looks at pipe corrosion. It could be a giant leap forward for keeping an eye on gas lines and catching problems before they turn into disasters. It's the same laser technology used in reverse engineering, gaming, and in medicine to map the human body. It can be used on virtually any object. PG&E is using it on its pipes.

Read more (ABC Web Portal, January 22, 2013, by Heather Ishimaru)

January 15, 2013

Go!SCAN 3D - The easiest portable 3D scanning experience, fast and reliable.

Article about the new Go!SCAN 3D white light scanner. In English and thai.

Read more (Mega Tech Magazine, January-February 2013. Pages 54-55)

January 8, 2013

3D Scanning for Post-Mastectomy Custom Breast Prosthesis

Creating a custom breast prosthesis that feels and looks more natural can be accomplished.

Read more (Medical Design Briefs Magazine, December 2012, p. 34)

Go!SCAN 3D Scanner

October 30, 2012

Creaform releases handheld 3D scanner

3D scanning might not be brand new, but Levis, QC-based Creaform has made it its business to constantly engage in technology innovations in the field.

Read more (IT in Canada Website, October 30th, 2012)


July 31, 2012

Scan to model - Working on a Boeing 737-800 Aircraft

Engineering an aircrafts’ interior – from a scan to a 3D model. More and more companies are calling upon 3D engineering services providers to carry out specific and demanding projects.

Read more (Quality Manufacturing Today, online edition)


July 25, 2012

3D Scanning Process of Lufthansa's 474-8 aircraft using a Handyscan 3D scanner

The 3D model will be used for marketing and training purposes by Lufthansa.

Read more (Lufthansa's YouTube account.)


May 29, 2012

3-D scan on the right track

Designing a track mounting system using a 3-D scanner is more efficient than crawling under the tractor with a tape measure and pad of paper.
 It’s like science fiction come to life for Soucy engineers, who annually design hundreds of new track mounting systems for agricultural, military, construction, mining, logging and recreational vehicles.

Read more (The Western Producer Magazine, by Ron Lyseng.)


March 19, 2012

Government of Canada Supports Growth of Creaform, a Flagship of the Country's Optics-photonics Industry

awarding of financial assistance from the Government of Canada to Creaform Inc

Read more (Marketwire, March 20, 2012)


February 16, 2012

Temple Team Captures 3D Data to Craft Traditional Hindu Sculpture

Using laser scanning to create a CAD model of a sacred bull makes a mammoth custom manufacturing project more manageable.

Read more (, October 13, 2011)


February 7, 2012

Rashi Khilnani's Indo-Canadian Report

In this broadcast, the reporter talks about taking Canadian 3D technologies to India

Read more (Radio-Canada International)