Students and the Creaform Technologies

Nowadays, young people in general and students in particular are all techno-savvy. Well, the Creaform portable 3D measurement technologies are a must that any self-respecting student must learn how to master.

The Creaform devices are far from your generic gizmos and gadgets though. They are professional-grade, highly accurate devices that are easy to use. No matter the field of study they are in, students tackling metrology will find the Creaform technologies to be their best ally for easy to get, accurate and reliable measurement data.

Careers in 3D

Intrigued about these innovative 3D measurement technologies? Interested in a career in 3D metrology but you’re not sure what learning program will get you there? Here are some examples to enlighten you!

Other careers in 3D

Student Project – Sponsorship Program

Are you part of an SAE CDS team? Find out how Creaform can help your team get ahead of the competition!

  • Creaform will loan you a 3D measurement system for 1 school year
  • 3D Systems will also give you access to their software suite
  • You will be web-trained on our 3D scanners and software for free
  • You will get email support from the Creaform Technical Support team
Apply for sponsorship!