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Basis Software Inc.

The Surphaser medium range and long-range 3D scanners are used in reverse engineering, dimensional control, historical preservation, architecture and forensics.

There are 4 models of the Surphaser 25HSX Series: the SR, the IR_X, the ER_XQ, and the ER_XS. Some of the features of this 25HSX series include:

  • Sub-millimeter accuracy with a scan rate of up to 1.2M points per second.
  • Designed to operate in both industrial and outdoors environments.
  • The software allows export of clean and accurate data sets into PolyWorks®, Geomagic Solutions®, Cyclone®, RealWorks® and other applications for processing.
  • Portable, with an adaptable user interface.
  • Possibility to scan under direct sunlight.
  • Easy to operate by any resource.
  • Accuracy up to 0.2 mm.
  • Low noise.

The Surphaser is ideal for scanning medium to large objects, for instance cars, planes, ships, rooms, military equipment, even entire buildings.

Creaform is an authorized distributor of the Surphaser medium and long-range 3D scanners. Through its Metrology Services division, Creaform also offers long-range 3D scanning services.

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