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A perfect fit for Airbus

On November 4, 2010, one of Qantas Airbus A380s, heading for Sydney, Australia, suffered engine failure over Batam Island shortly after take-off from Changi Airport in Singapore. In spite of the exploded and still burning engine, captain Richard Champion de Crespigny was able to land the plane safely back in Singapore, with 440 passengers and 29 crew members still shaken and scared, but all safe and sound.

Quality Manufacturing Today, March 2013


Digitise objects with a wave of your hand, using the Go!SCAN 3D scanner (solamente in inglés)

Scanning in 3D has just been domesticated. The Go!SCAN 3D is a 3D scanner that weighs 1.1kg and works like a digital camera. Made by Canadian company Creaform, it can quickly scan objects from 30cm to three metres in size, in chunks of 38cm x 38cm, and to an accuracy of 0.1mm, using two cameras and a projector.

Wired Magazine, by James Vincent, February of 2013


PG&E using 3D laser scanner to test pipe corrosion

PG&E is testing a new piece of equipment that looks at pipe corrosion. It could be a giant leap forward for keeping an eye on gas lines and catching problems before they turn into disasters. It's the same laser technology used in reverse engineering, gaming, and in medicine to map the human body. It can be used on virtually any object. PG&E is using it on its pipes.

ABC Web Portal, January 22, 2013, by Heather Ishimaru


Go!SCAN 3D, una digitalización sin límites

AsorCAD Engineering presenta el escáner de Creaform, sencillo, portátil y asequible que permite a usuarios capturar fácilmente la forma tridimensional de cualquier objeto

CAD Magazine, 17 de enero 2013


3D Scanning for Post-Mastectomy Custom Breast Prosthesis

Creating a custom breast prosthesis that feels and looks more natural can be accomplished.

Medical Design Briefs Magazine, December 2012, p. 34


El nuevo Go!Scan 3D de Creaform fue presentado por TecSol3D en México

México DF.-Tras el reciente lanzamiento del nuevo escáner portátil Go!Scan 3D de Creaform, TecSol3D llevo el poder de escaneo a las instalaciones del Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Cd. de México para mostrar la funcionalidad de este nuevo producto, entre los asistentes se encontraban ingenieros de la industria, profesores y alumnos del ITESM que pudieron comprobar la facilidad y versatilidad del equipo.

3D CAD Portal


Back to Basics with 3D Optical Measurement

Optical 3D Measuring devices' shop-floor accuracy, decreased sensitivity to environment and higher measurement pase make them strong contenders to traditional quality control devices.

Quality Magazine, July of 2011 (p. 20-21)