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An insider’s look into Creaform's exclusive launch event!

Take a look at a recap of our International Sales and Product Launch meeting held last April in Québec City. That’s how we roll!


HandyPROBE Next: A portable CMM like you’ve never seen it before

Besides its new design, do you know what’s new with the HandyPROBE Next? Here’s some quick facts about the new generation handheld optical coordinate measuring machine (PCMM).

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Behold the new MetraSCAN 3D scanner engineered for shop floor conditions

The most flexible portable 3D measurement solution engineered for shop floor conditions. It now tackles black, multicolored and shiny surfaces. Watch the product video to learn more

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Please visit the Webinar section of our website to watch the recording of a previous event, or to register for an upcoming one!

What's new in portable metrology

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Achieve faster measurement results with VXinspect

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Advanced analytical features of Pipecheck 3.3



Please visit the Events section of our website for the complete list of tradeshows worldwide where Creaform will present its portfolio of metrology solutions!

AMETEK Innovation Tour
7 – Metz, France
DEX Expo
17 – Halifax, NS, Canada
Quality Expo
14 to 16 – New York, NY, USA
DMS 2016(27th Design engineering & Manufacturing Solutions expo)
22 to 24 – Tokyo, Japan

Farnborough International Airshow
11 to 17 – Farnborough, UK
25 to 29 – Nashville, TN, USA

ConaEND & IEV 2016
22 to 25 – São Paulo, Brazil

Latest blog posts

New 3D scanner: What to expect from the new MetraSCAN 3D
It’s true: we have completely re-engineered our laser scanner. Curious about what our new shop floor 3D scanner has to offer? Here are a few highlights.

What to expect from the new PCMM HandyPROBE Next
You may be wondering: what’s in it for you with this new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM)? Well, where shall we begin?

5 tips to unload the CMM
For manufacturing companies, quality control and part inspection are requirements for customer approval. Read this blog post to learn our 5 tips to unload your CMM.

The new secret weapon for quality control managers
Quality control managers in the automotive and aerospace industries are responsible for ensuring that manufactured parts meet customers’ requirements, specifications, and tolerances.

Featured Video

Plastics foam products - DS Smith
DS Smith Packaging uses 3D scanning with the HandySCAN 3D to improve product quality and increase production throughput.
Courtesy of MSL.

Reverse engineering of a large casting part
Watch from 1:09 minute the 3D scanning of a 2.5-m part with a HandySCAN 3D.
Courtesy of Kreo.

3D scanning and RE of a truck
The whole process of 3D scanning and reverse engineering of a truck.
Courtesy of Midexacto.

RE with VXmodel
The whole process of reverse engineering a part.
Courtesy of Kreo.


Precitech announces a PEPS II-VX retrofit on installed machines

Precitech, a global manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining solutions, announces PEPS II-VX, a digital non-contacting, height control and active vibration cancellation system, as a retrofit on installed machines and as an option on all new machines. PEPS II®-VX, ideally suited for ultra precision machining, was jointly developed by Precitech and the vibration experts at TMC

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Creaform Engineering announces major expansion

Creaform launches Pipecheck 3.3

Creaform updates VXinspect

Creaform announces major design and performance upgrade for its new MetraSCAN 3D laser scanner

Creaform unveils the HandyPROBE Next, a new portable CMM re-engineered to tackle modern shop-floor quality control challenges

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