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Easy! Fast! Portable!

Go!SCAN 3D™ white-light portable scanner

The most powerful and versatile portable white-light professional-grade 3D scanning solution, which includes an easy and fast portable 3D scanner and VXmodel, our scan-to-CAD software module!

Key Features

  • Fast 3D scanning: Typical objects are scanned in 5 minutes or less.
  • No rigid setup required: Both the part and the scanner can be moved during scanning.
  • Scan in color: Visually striking color results, with an incredible level of detail.
  • Accurate and reliable: Accuracy of up to 0.050 mm, regardless of the environment or work conditions.
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Features and benefits

01 Accuracy

  • Professionnal-grade measurements: Accuracy of up to 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.) and resolution of up to 0.100 mm (0.0039 in.).
  • Built-in intelligence: Ensures that 3D data is high-quality and accurate.

02 Portability

  • On-the-go scanning: Fits into a carry-on case, so you can use it both in-house or on site.
  • Lightweight and small: Weighing under 1.25 kg (2.7 lb), it can reach confined areas. Fits into a carry-on.

03 Simple

  • Hybrid positioning: Uses the part’s natural geometry and color
  • Point-and-shoot: No need to prepare parts. Just go! User-friendly: No experience required
  • You’ll be up-and-running in minutes

Our Go!SCAN 3D scanners in action!

If you hold one of the following positions, Creaform’s 3D scanners were designed just for you!

3D scanning expert 3D scanning technician Industrial designer 3D modelling expert
3D artist 3D metrology expert Quality control manager Engineering technician

3D scanners: Your tools for effective product lifecycle management.

3D scanning speeds up your product development process and supports products throughout their lifecycles.


Requirements and specifications

  • Competitive product analysis
  • Measurement of product environment or connecting/surrounding parts
  • Measurement of existing parts for aftermarket or custom equipment

Concept design

  • Clay model measurement and reverse engineering
  • Model and mock-up measurement, and reverse engineering
  • Styling and aesthetics

Concept prototyping

  • Integration of prototype modifications into CAD files
  • Form study and proof-of-concept prototypes
  • Ergonomic prototypes


CAD design

  • 3D scan-to-CAD
  • Reverse engineering (extracting the design intent)
  • Packaging design


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Integration of prototype modifications into CAD file
  • Prototype inspection

Testing, simulation and analysis

  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Interference analysis
  • Deformation and geometry analysis


Tooling design

  • Reverse engineering of dies, molds, fixtures, jigs and patterns
  • Update of CAD file to reflect as-built tooling measurements
  • Tooling validation/inspection

Assembly and production

  • Virtual assembly
  • Tool/robot path programming
  • Part assessment before machining

Quality control

  • First article inspection (FAI)
  • Part-to-CAD inspection
  • Supplier quality inspection



  • As-built documentation of parts/tooling
  • Marketing presentations, 3D training systems, serious gaming
  • Digital archiving

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

  • Wear and tear analysis
  • Custom repairs/modifications
  • As-built documentation of parts/tooling before maintenance

Replacement and recycling

  • Reverse engineering for developing replacement/restoration parts
  • Planning of complex assemblies disassembly/dismantling

They trust us!

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Creaform's 3D scanners work for these industries

Creaform has set itself apart in the aerospace industry as a strong and reliable supplier of portable 3D solutions in various applications including quality control and inspection, reverse engineering of original parts, and prototype, tooling and mold adjustment.

Creaform is a key partner in the automotive and transport industries. Thanks to a deep understanding of both industries, Creaform's portable 3D measurement technologies play an important role in many applications including design, styling, reverse engineering, prototyping, quality control and inspection, manufacturing and replacement part design.

When it comes to product design, Creaform's systems are known for their quality and high efficiency in applications, such as product design and styling, ergonomic studies, tooling adjustment and reverse engineering of packaging.

Since Creaform tests all of its portable 3D measurement technologies in real shop floor conditions, manufacturers turn to our highly reliable and accurate solutions for quality control and inspection, machine and tooling design and adjustment, work instructions, and part design.

With optical 3D measurement and Creaform's 3D technologies gaining more and more attention since 2005, numerous post-secondary institutions from all over the world have since started to teach the basics of 3D technologies--all while putting them to effective use. To remain on top of on all the latest developments, these establishments have made it their focus to ensure that their research staff, teachers and students learn to use 3D equipment.

Creaform's innovation has been awarded!

Creaform has received several awards since 2002:

Prix Fidéides 2010 (optical innovation)

Deloitte Fast 500 Technology (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

2008 Product of the Year from NASA Tech Briefs

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