Creaform Hires Two New Sales Directors to Manage their Growth

17 de setembro de 2006

Quebec, Canada, September 18th, 2006 - Martin Lamontagne, Vice President of Creaform, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Oscar Meza as Sales Director for the Americas and the Rest of the World, and Mr. Gregory Lepez as Sales Director for Asia and Europe. Both Sale Directors represent a great addition to the Creaform team and an important step aimed to meet the company’s ambitious international sale objectives and expansion plans. Their initial responsibility will be the developing of a strong international distribution network.

Armed with a solid experience of over 17 years, in Metrology, including 3D laser scanning technologies, and a very successful career path as former Vice-President of Sales Asia-Pacific for FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FARO), Mr. Meza will greatly contribute to the development of Creaform sales and growth, by bringing new customers and resellers to the Americas and the Rest of the World.

Mr. Gregory Lepez brings a vast experience in prototyping in various industries, including automotive, medical and consumer goods. His experience in the European and the Asia markets will, without a doubt, benefit Creaform. Mr. Lepez is the former Commercial and Marketing Director of the Duarte Group and co-founder of Dipp, a company specialized in plastic prototyping and feasibility studies.

Mr. Martin Lamontagne is proud to welcome Mr. Meza and Mr. Lepez. "The experience and the energy that Mr. Meza and Mr. Lepez will bring to Creaform are in line with our short term and long term objectives."

About Creaform

Creaform develops scanning and 3D digital solutions for reverse engineering, product development and inspection applications including CAD/CAE/CAM applications and portable CMM.

Creaform develops and sells the Handyscan 3D, the first self-position hand-held 3D laser camera. This state-of-the-art scanner gives real time 3D rendering visualization and the file can be exported in any standard format.