Creaform Launches VxScan 1.3 Software

16 de agosto de 2007

Levis, August 17, 2007CREAFORM is proud to announce the release of VxScan 1.3, its proprietary data acquisition software. Already well-known as a reliable and fast acquisition software for 3D data, it now includes new enhancements and functionalities. Without a doubt, this new and improved package will improve the scanning experience of existing and new users.
What’s New?

VxScan makes an even greater use of today’s computer power. To that matter, we have implemented a new reliable, fast and powerful memory management algorithms in order to increase the power and reliability of our software. This way, VxScan 1.3 can now manage more data (up to 70% more laser curves) than VxScan 1.2. Efficiency is also a great concern for our programmers andthis is why VxScan 1.3 introduces enhanced, more functional and efficient facet edition modes, including multi-selection, select-through and undo-selection modes.

We are confident that users will be pleased with the enhanced overall look and feel of the software, which also includes enhanced menus, new splash screen and logos, a refreshed interface as well as new intuitive controls. VxScan 1.3 is also compatible with Microsoft's Windows Vista 32 bits, since it was actually developed under this new operating system. Needless to say that VxScan 1.3 is still fully compatible with Windows XP Professional SP2.

On top of all this, there are many other improvements made to VxScan 1.3 worthy of mention:. The software now features an enhanced “Copy” function to increase multi-scans sessions and inter-scan accuracy as well as an increased surface reconstruction speed _ making it up to 40 % faster than VxScan 1.2. Furthermore, the software is now provided with multi-operations enabled volume settings with live preview, making it possible to change as many settings as required to get the perfect volume size and orientation and to rebuild the surface once done. At last, a “Fit Volume” function has also been added, in addition to calibration information helping users understand the device and the software and enabling them to follow up on their scanner's calibration history.

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About Creaform

Creaform is a technological company offering reverse engineering and 3D digital solutions with offices in Canada, the United States, France, China and Japan. Creaform provides complete 3D acquisition, processing and analysis products and services for product development, manufacturing and inspection applications in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, recreational and consumer products, multimedia and medical. Our range of technological products and services as well as our advanced training offer include laser scan technologies, measuring arms and conventional CMM, 3D post-treatment software, CAD/CAM/CAE, reverse engineering, styling and surfacing, 3D inspection and analysis, as well as turn key system design. Creaform has developed and sells the Handyscan 3D™, the first self-positioning hand-held 3D laser scanner. This state-of-the-art scanner provides real-time 3D rendering visualization which generated file can be exported to most CAD platforms. Due to its true portability, versatility and precision, the Handyscan 3D™ makes 3D scanning simple.