Creaform’s Put Us to the Test Challenge 2010: The Results are In!

1 de dezembro de 2010

Last August, 3D technology world leader Creaform launched its Put Us to the Test 2010 challenge. Daring the world to submit high-difficulty engineering projects to its team of experts, the company promised thousands of dollars in engineering labour hours to the 3 most challenging entries. Today, Creaform's Put Us to the Test 2010 jury is happy to reveal the projects selected.

Nothing is Impossible!

At the top of the list and winner of the "Nothing is impossible" $20,000 grand prize is Conceptual Art Technologies LLC Benjamin Julian's Walking Horse project. The idea - that's been deemed impossible by most - is to design a walking mechanical quadruped directly modelled on the musculoskeletal system of a real horse and able to support a 200 lbs rider.

Without a doubt, this full scale robotized horse will have Creaform's team of engineers rack their brain! They are ambitiously planning to reverse engineer a full scale horse - nothing less! This way, they will have the morphological data at hand to carry out the project milestones: frame structure dimensioning, choice of materials, internal motion structure design and construct and kinematics validity.

Consider it Done!
As 1st runner-up, FP Innovations' Alain Albert gets the first $2,000 "Consider it Done!" prize for his Aboriginal Totem Pole project. The project involves 3D scanning of 2 existing pieces of Aboriginal artwork (a mask and a totem pole). The ultimate goal is to carve the artefacts using a five-axis CNC machine and provide First Nations artists of Canada with a 21st-century tool to improve their output and meet the growing demand for the fascinating art that they produce.

The 2nd runner-up project chosen is the Helmet Project, submitted by Mr. Glenn Thayer, from Globe Composite Solutions. This project involves 3D scanning of a helmet to build an aluminum mould for the ongoing production of helmets, so as to replace the soft tooling currently used that require substantial maintenance and re-working.

Promising Outcome
As the work on these 3 ambitious and challenging engineering projects is about to start, Creaform is expecting great things from its expert engineers. If you are interested in the PUT US TO THE TEST 2010 project results, visit Creaform's website regularly for the follow-ups!