MetraSCAN 3D G1

First Generation MetraSCAN 3D

MetraSCAN 3D 와 광학 CMM 스캐너는 C-Track와 함께 측정실 및 작업 현장에서 가장 정확한 측정을 도와주는 장비입니다. 이 강력한 측정 솔루션은, HandyPROBE와 결합하여, 측정 프로세스의 신뢰성뿐 아니라 속도, 다양성을 향상시킵니다.

Technical Specifications

Weight 2.05 kg (4.5 lb)
Dimensions 282 x 250 x 282 mm (11 x 9.8 x 11 in)
Measurement rate 36,000 measures /sec.
Laser Class 2M (eye-safe)
Resolution in x, y, z axis 0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Volumetric accuracy (with C-Track 780)(1) 0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Volumetric accuracy (with MaxSHOT 3D) 0.085 mm if L(2) ≤ 1.2 m (0.0033 in. if L* ≤ 4 ft)
0.055 mm + 0.025 mm/m if L > 1.2 m
(0.0022 in. + 0.0003 in./ft if L > 4 ft)

(1) Test methods based on the ASME B89.4.22 standard. Volumetric performance is assessed with traceable length artifacts by measuring these at different locations and orientations within the working volume of the MetraSCAN 3D (range/2 methods).
(2) L” being the size of the object measured.

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