Launch of the data acquisition software VxScan v.2

2 de março de 2008

LÉVIS, March 3, 2008 - Creaform, a innovative company offering 3D digital solutions and developer of the Handyscan 3D line-up of handheld and self-positioning laser scanners, has once again pushed the limits of technology and launches today the second version of VxScan, its proprietary data acquisition software, which features numerous improvements and additional functionalities and remains the unique platform for all of the Handyscan 3D line of scanners.

What’s New in VxScan v.2

Improved Automatic Multiresolution
• Thanks to the curvature recognition algorithm, the new Decimate Triangles slider makes it possible to automatically reduce the mesh resolution on flat areas while keeping a higher resolution mesh on complex and detailed surfaces
• Produces lighter STL files

Enhanced Surface Reconstruction
• Improved surface boundaries recognition and reconstruction
• Improved manual multiresolution
• Optimized surface reconstruction (quicker Stop Scan and Load Session)
• Redesigned spike filter to improve details/noise differentiation
• Volume position can now be defined manually (position and angle)
• Redesigned Optimize Surface algorithm for more efficiency

Improved Compatibility
• Compatible with all major operating systems
• Windows XP 32 bits
• Windows Vista 32 bits
• Windows Vista 64 bits
• In 64 bits, no more memory limit and improved performance (compared to similar hardware running in 32 bits)

3D Viewer improvements
• New Lock Zoom function lets you zoom on particular details while scanning
• Redesigned live surface rendering
• Enhanced lighting and shading
• Quick dynamic rendering mode

Customize your VxScan experience
• 5 different 3D viewer control modes
• Save scan parameters and keep them as default
• Change VxScan's colors to your will

Moreover, VxScan v.2 features Improved Positioning and enhanced Edition Mode, as well as a new feature that enables the user to delete the facets permanently, and not only sending them into the Recycle bin. The software also offers new and powerful Scanner Manager and Installer functionalities.

For more information on VxScan and Creaform’s Handyscan 3D line-up of laser scanners, visit our website at or write to