Creaform Gets Excellent Results for 2009

2010년 3월 1일

Creaform takes advantage of a precarious global economy to step up its market shares in digitizing and 3D design. The company is optimistic about 2010 and aims at significantly increasing its sales figure.

During the fourth trimester of 2009, technology sales increased by 17% compared to the previous trimester, and by 8% compared with the fourth trimester of 2008.

"This increase seems to keep going during the first trimester of 2010, since we can already point to a steep increase compared to results from the same period in 2009," says Mr. Martin Lamontagne, Chief Executive Officer with Creaform.

The year 2009 ended with an overall increase in technology sales of 34% when compared with 2008. The company invested 10% of its sales in research and development. This very good performance has taken place during a global recession and a money market that put Canadian exporters at a disadvantage.

Finally, more and more distributors worldwide are putting their trust in the technology and service offered by Creaform. The company has added 34 new distributors to its network: 7 in Asia, 13 in Europe, 1 in the Middle-East, 8 in North America and 5 in South America. Thanks to this extended network of seasoned professionals, Creaform hopes to get even better sales figures in 2010.

"We have improved our performance in almost all of our business units," says Mr. Lamontagne. "Now that the global economy is stabilizing, we are in an excellent position to maintain excellent growth in 2010 and consolidate our leadership by continuing our acquisitions."

Creaform credits its success to sustained growth on emerging markets, as well as its disruptive technology that offers high return on investment.