Creaform Sells 1500th Handyscan 3D Laser Scanner to Daimler Automotive of China

2010년 12월 12일

Creaform is proud to announce the sale of its 1500th Handyscan 3D unit, a MAXscan laser scanner for large parts, to car manufacturer Daimler Automotive Co. of China.

Daimler Automotive will use the MAXscan to quality control sheet metal and passenger compartments, execute gap & flush analysis and check parts. Chinese automaker also expanded its suite of quality control instruments with a HandyPROBE portable optical CMM, which will be used to inspect jigs and fixtures.

President Charles Mony said: "This sale represents a new breakthrough for us in what is now the largest auto market in the world, and it confirms our position of world leader in 3D scanning and optical measurement. We always strive to push off the limits of these technologies, and I think that the release of our new MetraSCAN optical CMM 3D scanner and the award we just received for 2010 AQA Company of the Year are strong proofs of that."

Over the recent years, Creaform's technologies have earned a reputation for reliability, versatility and profitability and are now well-established worldwide-the future definitely looks bright for the Handyscan 3D and HandyPROBE line-ups.

Handyscan 3D 5th anniversary
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Handyscan 3D line-up of handheld self-positioning laser scanners, Creaform has shot a brand new promo video.