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Pipecheck – Pipeline Integrity Assessment Software

Creaform now introduces Pipecheck, a single software platform addressing both pipeline external corrosion and pipeline mechanical damage assessment. Thanks to its unique 3D scanning technology and this innovative software, surface inspection has been completely reinvented!

Reliable. Efficient. Easy. Here’s Pipecheck.

Pipecheck Analyze: When you only need the analysis power of Pipecheck

Portable AnalyseOffered at a discount price, this software combines the Pipecheck corrosion and mechanical damage modules. Perfect for projects where assessment is done on-site by a senior technician, while a junior technician focuses on data acquisition. The analysis can also be done off-site by pipeline integrity engineers when on site teams are facing complex cases. Pipecheck Analyze can open any Pipecheck session, change parameters, re-process analysis and export a report.

Pipecheck Corrosion
Software Module

Pipecheck Corrosion Software Module

Pipecheck’s pipeline corrosion software module offers very fast and reliable data processing that generates instant, on-site results. Data are output in a complete Excel report and show increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurements methods such as pit gauge, ultrasonic (UT) probes and single-line lasers.

Pipecheck Mechanical
Damage Software Module

Pipecheck Mechanical Damage Software Module

As its name states, this software module has been specifically developed for pipeline mechanical damage analysis. This module features numerous key functionalities that increase dent understanding and facilitate decision making. Instant results are generated on site and directly output in Excel format.


Key functionalities:

  • Automatically-applied interaction rules.
  • 3D and 2D color mapping with river-bottom path overlay.
  • 2D section generation in both axis.
  • Worst-case-profile generated for all corrosion features.
  • Estimated burst pressure calculation based on ASME B31G code (B31G, B31G Modified and Effective Area methods).
  • Corrosion depth measurement, dimensions and position on the pipe.
  • “Depth-on-the-fly”: simply drag the mouse over point to obtain local corrosion depth measurement.
  • Gouge and redressed gouge inspection.
  • Point-to-point distance measurement directly in the 3D model.
  • Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities
    • Corrosion near welds supported
  • Internal & external assessment
  • Customizable depths (Excel Export)
  • Pre-determined view

Key functionalities:

  • Radius measurement.
  • Maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions.
  • Automatic maximum depth detection.
  • Automatic creation of 2D cross-sections in both directions at maximum depth.
  • Intuitive cross-section creation tool.
  • 3D and 2D color mapping of damaged area.
  • Visualization tool to increase dent shape understanding.
  • Depth-over-diameter ratio.
  • Maximum diameter at 90 degrees of the dent.
  • Length and width measurement for each dent.
  • Multiple dent analysis.
  • Internal & external assessment
  • Customizable depths (Excel Export)
  • Pre-determined view

The Pipecheck solution: the best ally at all stages of your pipeline integrity management program



  • Corrosion Corrosion
    • High resolution capture of all corroded details
    • Fast surface acquisition to increase efficiency
    • Improve scanning performance for small features such as pitting
  • Mechanical Damage Mechanical Damage
    • High resolution organised mesh file to enhance analysis capabilities
    • Fast measurement on any surface finish
  • ILI Correlation ILI Correlation
    • Highly repeatable measurement independent from operators skills to increase correlation accuracy
    • Improve performance to capture larger areas and extract more accurate statistical trends


  • Corrosion Corrosion
    • Feature detection using real pipe geometry
    • Automatically applied interaction rules
    • Estimated burst pressure calculated
    • Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities near welds and obstacles
  • Mechanical Damage Mechanical Damage
    • Automatic maximum depth detection
    • Automatic creation of 2D cross-sections in both directions at maximum depth
    • Maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions
    • Shoulder section available
  • ILI Correlation ILI Correlation
    • Automatic match detection through surface overlay
    • Manual match available
    • Axial and circumferential offsets for optimal overlay available


  • Corrosion Corrosion
    • Excel report including worst-case-profile and predicted failure path
    • Export to CSV available for further analysis
    • Mesh export available
  • Mechanical Damage Mechanical Damage
    • Excel report with ovality measurement
    • Cross-section (axial and circumferential) details
    • CSV depth grid export
    • Mesh export available
  • ILI Correlation ILI Correlation
    • Visual representation of overlay between ILI data and detected features from scanned areas
    • Unity chart to asses tool performance for features dimensions, maximum depth and estimated burst pressure
    • List of matched and unmatched features

Rugged Field Pack with wireless tablet

Rugged Field PackFor companies looking for optimal field performance, Creaform has designed a complete accessory package. Our rugged Field Pack includes a wireless tablet for real time visualization of the scanned surfaces.

It also has 3 compatible power sources to choose from: Creaform battery pack with charger*, 110/220V direct input or car battery.


  • Wireless tablet power by VXremote
  • Pelican rugged laptop casing
  • Creaform battery pack with charger
  • Magnetic support for scanner
  • Magnetic support for tablet
  • 8-m USB 3.0 cable


  • Car battery cables for emergency power

*When used with the Creaform battery pack, the rugged Field Pack offers 8 hours of autonomy.

3D scanner external battery: Brings portability to a whole new level

With three hours of autonomy, the 3D scanner lightweight external battery increases data acquisition efficiency. Ideal for short-term projects, it provides easier than ever access to confined spaces, when combined with the HandySCAN 3D! Even rope access projects can benefit from this new level of portability.

VXremote™: Remote access software application

VXremote improves your efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to Pipecheck. It offers quick activation and set-up, without any hardware. You can have all its data acquisition functionalities at your fingertips... Only available only with the Creaform Certified Rugged Tablet!

Complete solution includes:

  • HandySCAN 3D laser scanner
  • Pipecheck software license
  • Calibration plate
  • Reference arrow with protective case
  • 4 m USB 3.0 cable
  • Power supply
  • 4 x 500 positioning targets
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labour


  • Certified laptop computer
  • Pipecheck reference part

ILI Correlation Tool

ILI Correlation ToolThe ILI Correlation tool is used to correlate in-line inspection data with the Pipecheck 3D scanning inspection data. The user interface has been optimized to compare depths, lengths, width and burst pressure.

To properly assess the performances of the ILI tool, pipeline operators need to carry out statistically-significant population analyses with a device offering better accuracy than magnetic-flux leakage (MFL) technology. The Handyscan 3D scanners quickly capture metal-loss and damage areas, and they help building a larger and acceptable population for statistical analysis.

Operators can assess ILI performances by comparing pig data against Pipecheck data to help them determine with more precision the sites that actually need to be dug.