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Elevating Engineering and Manufacturing with Portable 3D Scanning

Embark on a transformative journey in the world of 3D scanning as we introduce Creaform’s new HandySCAN SILVER and BLACK scanner models in our upcoming webinar.

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Enhance quality control confidence and productivity with our latest 3D scanning innovations

Experience the future of 3D scanning with Creaform’s MetraSCAN BLACK+ and Automation Kit in our exclusive new webinar. Learn more about the latest best practices in advanced quality control as we unveil the transformative features of these superior 3D scanning solutions.

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HandySCAN MAX and VXintegrity: a revolution in corrosion inspection on large parts

The new HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series is optimized for scanning very large industrial components and boasts sub-millimeter precision, making it the perfect scanner for corrosion analysis on oversized components.

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HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series: Explore the future of portable large-scale 3D scanning

Embrace the evolution of large-scale 3D scanning with the launch of Creaform’s revolutionary  HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series, which is setting a new benchmark for portable 3D measurement solutions.

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How automation and cobots can revolutionize quality control workflows

Quality control in manufacturing is evolving with automation and cobots, reshaping traditional processes. Yet, challenges arise from complex 3D components, material finishes, and the need for faster methods. Take advantage of Creaform’s webinar to learn about cobot-based inspections, automation without robotics expertise, and efficient cobot programming.

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Simplifying the design intent process with reverse engineering

In reverse engineering, efficiency is crucial. Our webinar dives into design intent principles and avoiding defect replication. Learn about mesh extraction, integrating with SolidWorks, and how Creaform VXmodel streamlines the process for swift, accurate outcomes. Join for insights into the world of reverse engineering!

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Find out how to improve inspections of sheet metal

Automotive inspections of sheet metal components are challenging due to complexity and precision requirements. Traditional tools often fall short. 3D scanning is transforming sheet metal inspection challenges into opportunities. Learn about Creaform’s VXinspect software and advanced 3D inspection techniques.

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How to manage 3D scanning data with multiple resolution workflows

3D scanning has evolved, capturing more data and yielding larger files. The industry now favors meshes over point clouds, enhancing visualization. Learn about storage space solutions, data management in networked environments, and Creaform’s multi-resolution techniques in this insightful webinar. Suitable for all expertise levels.

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How to leverage 3D scanning for external corrosion inspections

NDT teams in the oil and gas sector struggle with inspecting complex shapes. Contemporary technologies, like Creaform’s, offer solutions for assessing corrosion on intricate structures.

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3D Scanning in the Defense Industry

Join Creaform experts to hear proven approaches, methods, and tools for 3D scanning in the defense industry.

During the webinar, you’ll learn the latest trends and innovations in metrology and how other companies have successfully solved their challenges with Creaform’s portable 3D scanners and integrated software.

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How 3D scanning solutions can solve labor shortage issues for NDT Service companies

This webinar will present solutions for these modern NDT industry challenges. A representative of the oil and gas pipeline industry will also be present to discuss how Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies combined with Pipecheck have disrupted their way of working and provided them with a real competitive advantage. Finally, VXintegrity’s new modules will be presented with applications that could disrupt service companies’ way of working in other industries such as refineries, power plant, mining, and much more.

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Dramatically improve 3D inspection workflows anywhere in your facility

With today’s ever-changing markets it is crucial your business has access to cutting-edge technologies that will eliminate the complexity of automation to improve your work processes and increase productivity. Join us to learn how you can simplify your measurement workflows and significantly increase your inspection capacity.