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Based on the same technological and innovative platform as all other Creaform 3D scanning technologies, the Health Care Partner 3D Scanner has been designed with health care providers in mind. People in need of a 3D scanning device for human body 3D measurements or 3D medical applications will find the HCP scanner to offer exceptional measurement speed, high accuracy and intuitiveness.


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OEM Partnerships

We strongly believe that our cutting edge 3D digitizing technology can help our partners expand their portfolio of products and services so to grow their market and reach more people.

Entering an OEM agreement with Creaform means market-ready technology, without having to invest in a costly and time-consuming R&D development process. As a world leader in portable 3D measurement technologies, we will work hand-in-hand with you to create a customized solution that will meet your exact business needs.

Our powerful 3D scanning device offers 2 alternatives: you can seamlessly integrate it into your own software solution through our API, or you can rather take advantage of its flexibility to use it as a starting point to develop and/or fine tune your own 3D scanning solution. Plus, you will be able to customize the appearance of your 3D body scanner so that it matches your brand identity and integrates your portfolio perfectly.

Doing business with Creaform means that you will enjoy the high quality of our proven technology and the full support of our knowledgeable and reliable support crew. Creaform’s growing brand awareness throughout the world ensures our partners:

  • A business relationship based on integrity, punctuality and simplified communication
  • Renowned expertise
  • Expert knowledge of 3D scanning applications
  • Openness towards the understanding of arising issues
  • A team of passionate people, dedicated to client service
  • Flexible and optimized output capacity able to meet the market’s changing needs

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OEM Partners


The Creaform Health Care Partner 3D Scanner represents a great alternative to traditional body measurement techniques. Here are a few examples of how it is used by our clients and/or OEM partners.