NDT pipeline inspection for Oil and Gas industry

NDT pipeline inspection for Oil and Gas industry

The Safest NDT Solutions for Pipeline Integrity Assessment


Field crews are facing challenges to complete pipeline inspections and ensure that their integrity assessments are performed in the shortest time possible so that excavation sites can be backfilled and the pipeline put back into service.

Creaform has the perfect non-destructive testing (NDT) 3D technology solution, which includes a 3D scanner and Pipecheck™ software. This solution saves users both time and money without compromising diagnosis results, public safety, and integrity assessment.



It is the most sophisticated NDT software on the market for pipeline integrity assessment. It automatically allows on-site inspection, detection, and characterization of pipe defects whether—internal or external; these include corrosion and mechanical damages. Inspection data and results are traceable and can be revised with new inspection parameters without leaving the inspection site.

Pipecheck corrosion software module

Pipecheck corrosion software module

ASME B31G compliant

Evaluate a pipeline’s fitness for service with the Pipecheck corrosion software module for fast, yet reliable, data processing and instant on-site results. Pipecheck’s virtual pit gauge demonstrates increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurement methods, such as manual pit gauges and single-line lasers.

Key Features

  • Interaction rules automatically applied
  • Burst pressure calculations (ASME B31G, B31G Modified and Effective Area methods)
  • Worst-case-profile and customizable grid resolution for all features
  • Feature dimensions (length and width) and maximum depth extracted for all features
  • Snipping tool for additional reporting information
  • Assessment performed on internal and external surface of the pipeline or on the true wall thickness
  • 3D and 2D colormap with river-bottom path overlay.
  • 2D profile section in both axial and circumferential direction
  • Quick, on-the-fly depth analysis: simply hover the mouse over each point to obtain local material loss.

Pipecheck mechanical damage software module

Pipecheck mechanical damage software module

ASME B31.8 compliant

Analyzes mechanical damage, such as dents, gouges and other localized surface deformations. It is the only software to provide users with an easy one-click access to strain-based assessment—a key element in ensuring the continued safety of the pipe in operation and proper maintenance as per industry safety regulations.

Key Features

Depth-Based Assessment Type

  • Automatic maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions
  • 3D and 2D depth colormaps
  • Automatic 3D cross-section creation
  • Depths over diameter ratio
  • Snipping tool for additional reporting information
  • Depths extracted from Creaform's virtual pit gauge tool
  • Maximum diameter found at 90 degrees of the dent

Strain-Based Assessment Type

  • Automatic maximum strain detection
  • 3D and 2D strain colormap (all strain components)
  • Results for decomposed values: circumferential bending, longitudinal bending, longitudinal extensional, effective strain on inside and outside surface of the pipe as well as maximum effective strain value.

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Advanced features & Benefits

  • Speed: Fastest solution from data acquisition through analysis and reports.
  • TRUaccuracy: The most accurate device regardless of instabilities in the environment or the user’s expertise.
  • TRUsimplicity: Easy-to-use no matter the NDT technician’s skills
  • TRUportability: Can be used directly on-site.
  • Flexibility: Versatile software that can be used for corrosion, denting, ILI correlation, corrosion inside mechanical damage and true wall thickness.
  • Traceability: Provides reliable and accurate repeatable results which are traceable for future pipeline integrity analysis.
Corrosion and True Wall Thickness
External Internal Internal/external
External The HandySCAN 3D scanner can assess surface corrosion that can be analyzed with Pipecheck. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) solution replaces the traditional pit gauge, which takes a lot of time and is less accurate than 3D metrology scanners. Internal

Pipecheck imports internal pipe corrosion data from ultrasonic testing (UT) devices and manual spot checks of corrosion gauge.

* Major ultrasonic manufacturers supported.


As true wall thickness assessment combines data from internal and external corrosion, Pipecheck has the capability of importing data from 3D laser scanners and ultrasonic testing (UT) devices to combine results from both inside and outside the pipeline lining. It also considers the interaction of internal and external deterioration in calculating pipeline burst pressure. The software offers a complete analysis of the pipe’s integrity.

* Major ultrasonic manufacturers supported.

  * Major ultrasonic manufacturers supported.
Ili Correlation
Ili Correlation

In line inspection (ILI) performance levels can be monitored in Pipecheck by comparing pig data against pipeline 3D scanning surface data. The interface has been optimized to compare depth, length, width and burst pressure in just one click. However, the more pipeline operators accumulate a significant amount of data analysis, the more it increases in accuracy. It helps determine, with more precision, which sites really need to be dug up to reduce the number of excavations necessary for direct assessment and repair.

Corrosion Assessment on Mechanical Damage
Corrosion Assessment on Mechanical Damage

Being able to separate material loss depth from a mechanical damage deformation is no longer an unattainable goal.

Pipecheck software is the one and only solution on the market to offer unique and sophisticated tools able to extract corrosion depth inside a mechanical damage.

Pipeline Straightening Operation
Pipeline Straightening Operation

Conventional methods for depth measurement (pit gauges) cannot be used accurately since pipe curvature often introduces depth values that do not represent material loss or pipe geometry deformations.

To solve this issue—and to improve efficiency and confidence in results—Pipecheck features a built-in pipeline straightening tool. This NDE tool uses powerful algorithms that extracts pipe centerline and straighten the full segment. The metal loss or mechanical damage can then be assessed with Pipecheck using the virtual pit-gauge tool to report depth readings free of any curvatures.

Feature Comparison



Rugged field pack with wireless tablet

Rugged field pack with wireless tablet

NDT service companies can count on a complete accessory package especially designed to optimize field efficiency and reduce turnaround times.


  • Wireless tablet powered by VXremote
  • Pelican rugged laptop casing adapted to field environments
  • Creaform battery pack with charger for up to 8 hours of autonomy
  • Magnetic supports for 3D scanner and tablets
  • 8-m USB 3 cable to accommodate larger work areas
3D scanner external battery

3D scanner external battery

Delivering up to three hours of autonomy, the 3D scanner’s lightweight external battery increases data acquisition efficiency. Ideal for short-term projects, it provides total freedom of movement. The external battery is the perfect tool for constrained areas.

VXremote ™ remote access software application

VXremote ™ remote access software application

For increased portability in the field, pipeline engineers and technicians can use VXremote to get fast and easy remote access to Pipecheck. The rugged tablet offers quick activation and set-up, without any hardware.

Take advantage of Pipecheck’s data acquisition functionalities right at your fingertips!

*VXremote is only available with Creaform certified rugged tablets.

**Availability may vary depending on the region.


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